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Making decisions with the help of your internal authority and personal strategy, your body gets co-tuned with a life geometry, giving you a chance to live the experience intended for you, around the people you are meant to be with.

According to the «Human Design» system, people are divided into 4 types: manifestors, generators (simple and manifesting), projectors and reflectors.

Evolution is not only true, it is "obviously true" - as obvious as the nose on your face. Because of this, the theory of evolution is presented as not just a historical science, but a present and future science as well.

«Human Design» is a tool that shows what your personality is and how to make decisions correctly.

Knowing your own nature and the decision-making mechanism reduces frustration, bitterness and anger that you may experience in life.

Ideally, the more similar to us is a person, the more comfortable we feel together.

However, our body, for the sake of getting a better progeny, chooses someone the most different from us, as genes need variety.

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Our neural network compares the questionnaires of all participants who are currently looking for a match and offers you the most suitable options.

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